Product resources

Our library of technical resources offer detailed product information and insights to help support your next infrastructure project.

The Clover team collates extensive technical data, Australian and global standards, manufacturing and testing information, and key features into accessible product resources for our clients. Our technical resources aim to inform and educate industry professionals on our complete product package across the water and wastewater industry.

PE Restraint Flange Adaptor – Data Sheet

PDF, 215.7K

Steel Pipes and Fittings – Brochure

PDF, 1.5M

Clover Gunmetal Tapping Bands – WSAA Appraisal

PDF, 226.6K

Ductile Iron Pipe & Fittings – Large Diameter Product Brochure

PDF, 2.9M

Clover DICL Large Diameter Pipe ISO WSAA Appraisal

PDF, 2.0M

Ductile Iron Pipe data sheet (DN800-DN2200)

PDF, 253.9K

Zinalium Ductile Iron Pipe Brochure

PDF, 4.2M

Ductile Iron Pipe Data Sheet

PDF, 331.6K

Flange Assembly Installation Guide

PDF, 620.1K

Polyethylene Pipe & Fittings

PDF, 2.5M

Tapping Band: Gunmental – Data Sheet

PDF, 287.8K

Tapping Band: Gunmetal – Installation Manual – Reference Guide

PDF, 233.0K

ISO9001 Certificate – Approval

PDF, 1.4M

Clover ISO25780 Certification – Approval

PDF, 100.7K

PVC Maintenance Shaft – Production Sheet

PDF, 140.7K

Clover AS2280 Certification – Approval

PDF, 786.0K

Clover DICL Pipe – WSAA Appraisal

PDF, 155.4K

Clover GRP FW Sewer – WSAA Appraisal

PDF, 392.1K

Clover GRP Jacking – WSAA Appraisal

PDF, 269.0K

Clover GRP FW Water – WSAA Appraisal

PDF, 392.1K

Clover AS3571.2 Certification – Approval

PDF, 552.8K

Clover AS3571.1 Certification – Approval

PDF, 552.8K

GRP Pipe & Fittings – Product Brochure

PDF, 2.0M

GRP Jacking Pipe – Product Brochure

PDF, 2.1M

PVC Pipe & Fittings – Product Brochure

PDF, 1.9M

Gate Valve Metal Seat – Data Sheet

PDF, 428.2K

Unrestrained Mechanical Coupling – Data Sheet

PDF, 256.1K

Spring Hydrant – Data Sheet

PDF, 300.5K

Gate Valve Resilient Seat – Data Sheet

PDF, 210.3K

PE Restraint Gate Valve – Data Sheet

PDF, 330.8K

Subsoil Drainage Pipe – Data Sheet

PDF, 203.0K

Isolation Valve – Data Sheet

PDF, 537.7K

Ductile Iron Pipe & Fittings – Product Brochure

PDF, 3.1M

Integral Bypass Gate Valve – Data Sheet

PDF, 389.3K

PVC Maintenance Shaft – Product Brochure

PDF, 1.7M

Unrestrained Mechanical Coupling Installation Manual – Reference Guide

PDF, 452.1K

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