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Erciyas MSCL Pipe & Fittings

Erciyas MSCL Pipe & Fittings

Steel pipes are the tried and true option for large scale infrastructure and construction projects such as distribution mains, and other large diameter applications.

Whilst steel pipes are used across a variety of markets, industries and applications, our range of steel pipes from Erciyas are engineered for superior water and wastewater pipelines.

  • Manufactured to world-class standards: AS1579, AS4321 & AS1281.

  • Complete range of standard and custom fabricated fittings available.

  • Extensive range of world-class coatings and linings available.

  • 600,000+ tonnes per year of steel pipe supplied to over forty countries.

  • Suitable for high pressure applications up to 6.8Mpa.

  • The tried-and-true option for large scale infrastructure.


Clover and Erciyas maintain a higher level of compliance for the manufacturing processes and distribution of steel pipes. Key standards we adhere to in the manufacture of steel pipes for the Australian market include:

  • AS1579:2001 Arc-welded steel pipes and fittings for water and wastewater.
  • AS4321:2001 Polyethylene coatings and linings for pipes and fittings.
  • AS1281:2001 Cement mortar linings of steel pipes and fittings.

The range also offers standard proven polyethylene coated and cement lined pipes with alternate coatings and linings available to suit specific applications.

We also have a diverse range of joints types available: including Cylindrical Push-in (C-Joint & E-Joint), Spherical Push-in Ball Joint and Butt Weld Joint to suit specific applications.

Weld process for spirally wound pipe

Welding is carried out inside and outside via a continuous automatic submerged arc welding process. Welding is carried out to meet the requirements of AS/NZS1554.1 Part 1 Welding of steel structures: Category SP.


To maintain the integrity of the steel pipeline, the best joint is a welded joint:

  • Standard Joint system (Cylindrical):
    • Allows for easy, fast and clean installation
    • Innovative
    • Single Weld, Seal & Restraint system

Cylindrical C-Joint (Push-in Spigot/Socket)

A cement mortar lined pipe maintains a continuous lining without the need to reinstate the lining to maintain smooth fluid flow. The rubber stopper ensures no damage to cement lining during installation.

  • Easily jointing with single weld
  • No cement lining reinstatement required
  • Maintains smooth internal flow
  • Seal coating available

Cylindrical E-Joint (Push-in Spigot/Socket)

The E-Joint for Polyurethane and Epoxy lined pipe incorporates and innovative weldzone feature that ensures lining integrity is not compromised during welding.

  • Easily jointed with single weld
  • Innovative weld zone to ensure integrity of line system
  • Available for Polyurethane or Epoxy linings

Other Joint types are available to suit your application:

  • Spherical ball joint, angular deflection up to 10° depending on pipe OD.
  • Butt weld joint, for high pressure and larger diameters.

Properties, dimensions and standards

  • Manufacturing Standards: AS1579 Arc-welded steel pipes for water and wastewater
  • AS4321 PE coatings and linings for pipes and fittings
  • AS1281 Cement mortar linings of steel pipes and fittings
  • External Diameters: 273mm – 2,235mm (larger sizes available up to 4,064mm)
  • Rated Pressures: Up to 6.8MPa (based on material selection & wall thickness)
  • Standard Coating: Polyethylene to AS4321
  • Standard Linings: Cement Mortar to AS1281
  • Coating/Lining options: Polyurethane or Epoxy
  • Potable Water: AS4020

Criteria Detail
External Diameters (OD) 273mm – 2,235mm (AS1579)
External Diameters other (OD) >2,235mm – 3,048mm (International)
Wall Thicknesses (t) 6mm – 35mm (depending on diameter and material)
Minimum Ultimate Tensile Strengths Typical Grades – Other grades as per project needs

Standard Australian Grades
AS1579 Grade HA200 – 300MPa
AS1579 Grade HA250 – 350MPa
AS1579 Grade HA300 – 400MPa
Minimum Yield Strengths Typical Grades – Other grades as per project needs

Standard Australian Grades
AS1579 Grade HA200 – 200MPa
AS1579 Grade HA250 – 250MPa
AS1579 Grade HA300 – 300MPa
Temperature Range -40°C to 70°C
Rated Pressure – MPa(Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure) Up to 6.8MPa (based on material selection and wall thickness)
Test Pressure – MPa (Maximum Allowable Test Pressure and combined stresses) 1.25 times rated pressure
Density 7,850 kg/m3
Modulus of Elasticity 207,000 N/mm2
Poisson’s Ratio 0.30