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At Clover, we’re committed to partnering with leading authorities and businesses within the irrigation and rural water industries. We deliver responsive and dedicated service across Australia, New Zealand, and the Asia Pacific region.

Led by a passionate team of industry professionals, we combine strategic project consultation, product innovation and service excellence—all with a client first approach.

The Clover team have unmatched experience when it comes to large scale irrigation projects. Having delivered projects across every Australian state and territory, which include pipelines, water storage and harvesting, treatment, and pumping infrastructure, we believe in new ways of supporting the growth and future of the water industry.

Water is the most valuable resource available to us and our environment, which is why we ensure that our products and services are designed to protect and enhance the environments that we work in. Every element of our service offering is calibrated to create sustainable efficiencies in resources, cost, and time.

Our specialised team are equipped with experience in key sectors within the irrigation industry, such as agricultural, horticultural, and landscaping, and work to continuously develop strategies that adapt to our ever-changing climate.

We offer a variety of PVC, GRP, HDPE and ductile pipes and fittings to optimise the design and operation of your irrigation system. Additionally, we can provide guidance on the most cost-effective uses of water and power. We offer a huge range of diameters, pressures, and stiffness classes for use in stock watering, micro-irrigation, water mains and reticulation systems.

Our experienced project engineers and consultants can aid with pipeline design, product selection, installation, and training on our range of irrigation products.

As Australia’s most complete supplier of pipeline infrastructure products, offering unbiased consultation, we always consider the context and challenges specific to your project needs.

Product Standards: AS/NZS4130, AS/NZS4129, AS/NZS1477, AS/NZS4441, AS/NZS4765

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