We’re committed to partnering with leading businesses within the irrigation industry. We deliver responsive and dedicated service across Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific region.

Our irrigation products are designed to support high pressures in a variety of rural and agricultural applications including turf watering, water distribution, potable water mains and general reticulation.
Clover’s team of experienced project engineers and consultants can provide assistance with pipeline design, product selection, installation and training on our range of irrigation products.

We offer a variety of PVC, GRP, HDPE and ductile pipes and fittings to optimise the design and operation of your irrigation system. Additionally, we can provide guidance on the most cost-effective uses of water and power. We offer a huge range of diameters, pressures, and stiffness classes for use in stock watering, micro-irrigation, water mains and reticulation systems—specific to the needs of your project.

Product Standards: AS/NZS4130, AS/NZS4129, AS/NZS1477, AS/NZS4441, AS/NZS4765

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