Tapping Band – Gunmetal

Tapping Band – Gunmetal

Our range of high quality gunmetal tapping bands offer durability and strength for long-term performance in pressurised water service applications.

Tapping bands allow for the connection of water service pipes to a pipeline. Clover gunmetal tapping bands are manufactured to AS/NZS4793 & AS/NZS4129.

  • Options available to suit a wide range of pipe materials including PVC, Polyethylene, GRP and AC.

  • Engineered using high quality materials that are certified to Australian standards.

  • Available with 20mm BSP to 50mm BSP Threaded Connections.

  • Full circle design dezincification resistant (DZR) Gunmetal Body.

  • 316 Stainless Steel Fasteners with Anti-Seize coating to prevent gawling.

  • Full range of associated ferrules, ball valves and accessories available for immediate delivery.


Our high strength gunmetal tapping bands provide connections to a wide range of pipe materials for smaller diameter water service pipelines. Clover Gunmetal tapping bands are designated for use on flexible pipelines (Type F).

Properties, dimensions and standards

  • Allowable Operating Pressure: 1,600kPa.
  • Maximum Temperature: 40 C.
  • Certified to AS/NZS4793 &  AS/NZS4129.
  • Product Licence: 3003 (Australian Certification Services)
  • WSAA Specifications: PS310 Tapping Bands – Mechanical for pressure applications & PS327 Tapping Bands – Mechanical for Use with Polyethylene pressure applications.

Series 2 – OPVC, MPVC, UPVC, GRP & AC Pipelines

  • Size Range: DN100 – DN450
  • Suitable for use on the following pipeline materials;
  • Series 2 OPVC (AS/NZS4441)
  • Series 2 MPVC (AS/NZS4765)
  • Series 2 UPVC (AS/NZS1477)
  • Superlit Glass Reinforced Polyester (AS3571)
  • Asbestos Cement (AS4139)

Gunmetal tapping bands are not recommended for use with DICL/CICL pipe unless appropriate insulation is installed to counteract potential bi-metallic corrosion.

Series 1 – OPVC, MPVC, UPVC & Steel Pipelines.

  • Size Range: DN50 – DN375
  • Suitable for use on the following pipeline materials;
  • Series 1 MPVC White (AS/NZS4765)
  • Series 1 UPVC White (AS/NZS1477)
  • Series 1 OPVC White (AS/NZS4441)
  • Galvanised Steel (AS1074)

Polyethylene Pipelines

  • Size Range: DN63-DN400
  • Suitable for use on the following pipeline materials;
  • Polyethylene – Series 1 (AS/NZS4130)

1 Body Gunmetal
2 Gasket Nitrile Rubber (NBR) AS1646
3 Bolt 316 Stainless Steel
4 Hex Nut 316 Stainless Steel with Anti-Seize Coating