Subsoil Drainage Pipe

Subsoil Drainage Pipe

Clover's subsoil drainage pipe is manufactured in Australia to AS2439.1 for installation in buried non-pressure applications for the redirection of sub-surface ground water.

Our range of subsoil drainage pipes are used extensively for civil and drainage applications across land development, agricultural, irrigation and road construction.

  • Durable, flexible, strong and corrosion resistant material.

  • Cost effective and easy to transport and install.

  • Available slotted or unslotted with optional filter sock fitted.

Techincal Information

Usage & Features


Clover subsoil drainage pipe is suitable for buried non-pressure applications for the redirection of sub-surface ground water.

Typical applications include;

  • Civil, road and trench drainage projects
  • Drainage of recreational areas
  • Agricultural and rural drainage

Features and Benefits

Features Benefits
Lightweight corrugated structure The product’s structure provides excellent resistance to external loads from soil backfill or vehicular loads.
Superior drainage Uniformly arranged slots and a high hole density ensure optimum drainage performance.
Corrosion resistant Non-reactive high density polyethylene is non-reactive.
Highly flexible material Accommodates soil movement though its ability to stretch and adapt to movements in the surrounding soil and fill
Local supply The product is manufactured in Australia using full recyclable materials


  • AS2439.1-2007 “Perforated plastics drainage and effluent pipe and fittings Part 1: Perforated drainage pipe and associated fittings”
  • TfNSW D&C 3552 “Subsurface Drainage Pipe (Corrugated Perforated and Non- perforated Plastic)”
Product Details

Diameter Range

Clover subsoil drainage pipes are manufactured with nominal diameters DN65, DN100 & DN160.

For pipes with larger diameters please contact Clover for additional technical and pricing information.

Water Entrance/Clear Water Opening:

1,500mm2/m min

Nominal Diameter (DN) Outside Diameter (MM) Stiffness (N/M.M) Length (M) Weight (kg) Description Product Code
65 64-67 8000 20 4 Slotted PS06508020
65 64-67 8000 100 20 Slotted PS06508100
65 64-67 8000 200 40 Slotted PS06508200
65 64-67 8000 20 5 Slotted W-Sock PS06508020S
65 64-67 8000 100 22 Slotted W-Sock PS06508100S
65 64-67 8000 200 44 Slotted W-Sock PS06508200S
65 64-67 8000 20 4 Unslotted PS06508020U
65 64-67 8000 100 20 Unslotted PS06508100U
65 64-67 8000 200 40 Unslotted PS06508200U


Clover subsoil drainage pipes are manufactured with push fit coupling.

Options & Accessories

Clover subsoil drainage pipes have a range of options and accessories available including:

  • DN65, DN100 & DN160 diameters available
  • Various coil lengths available
  • Various pipe stiffness options available
  • Available in slotted and unslotted
  • Optional Soil filter (also known as filter sock) provided in standard polyester or polypropylene where enhanced chemical resistance is required
  • For project lots custom colours are available (at additional cost and subject to min order quantity)
  • A full range of fittings to suit a wide variety of drainage projects are available.

Contact Clover for further information.

Design & Install

Installation Training

Clover’s in-house engineering team provides a range of training, accreditation and technical support services.

The Clover Academy installation training course provides installers with important information relating to the correct handling, installation, testing, maintenance and repair of Clover pipe systems and products.

Contact the Clover engineering team to discuss scheduling a training program.

Technical Support

Clover’s in-house engineering team combines specialist technical knowledge, creative thinking and on-the-job experience, to offer our clients a range of project planning and consultation services.

From recommendations on product innovations, to crafting complex end-to-end solutions, our collaborative approach bridges the gap between contractors, authorities and suppliers. The only Australian provider able to offer clients the full product suite, Clover offers unbiased, strategic insights that always consider the bigger picture.

From initial planning, to onsite training and technical assistance, we offer input across every stage of your project’s timeline. Our contribution continues beyond the project design, and we remain accessible for ongoing changes and developments over the course of each project.

We work with contractors, asset managers, local councils and government, developers and other pipeline professionals to specify bespoke product solutions. By engaging our team of engineers, you gain access to unparalleled product knowledge and expertise.


Technical Documents

Subsoil Drainage Pipe – Data Sheet

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