Subsoil Drainage Pipe

Subsoil Drainage Pipe

Clover's Drainflex™ subsoil pipe is manufactured to AS2439.1 from premium quality HDPE material for below ground drainage applications.

Our range of subsoil drainage pipes are used extensively for civil and drainage applications across irrigation and land development.

  • Durable, flexible, strong and corrosion resistant material.

  • Cost effective and easy to transport and install.

  • Coil lengths from 20m to 200m.

  • Available slotted or unslotted with optional filter sock fitted.

  • Class 400-1000 subsoil drainage.


Featuring high flow capacity, the flexible pipes are suitable for below ground civil, mining, agricultural and domestic drainage applications including road and trench drainage, landscaping, irrigation and many others.

Properties, dimensions and standards

  • Size Range: DN65 – DN160
  • Material: High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Water Entrance Area: 1500mm2/mm (min)
  • Certifications: AS2438.1:2007