Gate Valves Resilient Seat Double Flange PN16

Clover Resilient Seat Double Flange Gate Valves are suitable for use in pressure and non-pressure water supply and sewerage applications.

  • Reduced weight design for safe and easy installation

  • Manufactured & certified to AS/NZS2638.2

  • Confidence of the highest quality valves, backed by a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty

Techincal Information

Usage & Features


Clover resilient seat gate valves are suitable for use in pressure and non-pressure water supply and sewerage applications. Gate valves are used to isolate flow within pipeline sections, pipeline equipment and offtakes.

Typical applications include;

  • Potable and recycled water supply
  • Irrigation and raw water
  • Gravity and sewer rising mains
  • Fire systems
  • Stormwater and drainage
  • Buried and above ground

Gate valves should not be used for the purposes of throttling or adjusting flow.

Features and Benefits

Features Benefits
10-year manufacturers’ warranty Confidence of the highest quality valves, backed by a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.
Factory tested Each gate valve undergoes hydrostatic pressure and operating torque testing
Reduced weight design Safer and easier installation
Low operating torque Fast and efficient operation
Full bore design Eliminates debris build up
Local inventory available Fast and flexible supply to meet project demands
Manufactured & certified to AS/NZS2638.2 Guaranteed quality products
Suitable for installation in either horizontal or vertical position Flexible application
Thermally bonded polymeric coating Long-term corrosion resistance and performance


  • AS/NZS2638.2 “Gate valves for waterworks purposes – Resilient seated”
  • AS/NZS4158 “Thermal-bonded polymeric coatings on valves and fittings for water industry purposes”
  • AS1646 “Elastomeric seals for waterworks purposes”
  • AS1831 “Ductile cast iron”
  • AS/NZS4087 “Metallic flanges for waterworks purposes”
  • AS2129 “Flanges for pipes, valves and fittings”
  • AS/NZS4020 “Testing of products for use in contact with drinking water”
  • ISO5211 “Industrial Valves – Part-turn actuator attachments”

Product & Watermark Certification

Clover resilient seat gate valves are manufactured and independently third party certified to AS/NZS2638.2 “Gate valves for waterworks purposes – Resilient seated”.

Accreditation body: Australian Certification Services – 25731

WSAA Product Appraisal

Clover resilient seat gate valves are independently appraised and recommended by the Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA);

  • Product Appraisal 11/21

Suitability for Use with Potable Water (AS/NZS4020 Compliance)

Clover resilient seat gate valves are suitable for potable water applications and comply with the requirements of AS/NZS4020 “Testing of products for use in contact with drinking water”.

WSAA Purchase Specification

Clover resilient seat gate valves comply with the requirements of the following WSAA Purchase Specification:

  • WSA PS260 – Gate Valves, Resilient Seated for Pressure Applications – Water Supply and Sewerage
Product Details

Diameter Range

Clover resilient seat double flange PN16 gate valves are manufactured with nominal diameters ranging from DN50 to DN600.

For gate valves with larger diameters please contact Clover for additional technical and pricing information.


Clover resilient seat double flange PN16 gate valves are manufactured with a standard nominal pressure range of PN16 (1,600kPa).


Clover resilient seat gate valves are manufactured with a thermally bonded polymeric coating using a fluidised bed process in accordance with the requirements of AS/NZS4158.

DN 50 - DN 225

Specifications Sym Units DN 50 DN 65 DN 80 DN 100 DN 150 DN 200 DN 225
Length (Face To Face) L mm 178 190 203 229 267 292 305
Height (Centre To Keycap) H mm 260 270 310 340 450 580 670
Flange Bolt Holes N mm 4-ø18 4-ø18 4-ø18 4-ø18 8ø18 8ø18 8ø18
Pitch Circle Diameter PCD mm 114 127 146 178 235 292 324
Weight Of Unit Keycap Fitted kg 12 15 19 24 45 68 90
Turns To Close Approx Turns 13 17 21 21 32 35 43
Actual Torque To Seal Approx Nm 40 50 55 60 110 140 160
Maximum Operating Torque MOT Nm 50 65 75 100 150 200 200
ISO5211 Top Mounting Flange F10 F10 F10 F10 F10 F14 F14
Product Code Anti Clockwise Close VGFF050 VGFF065 VGFF080 VGFF100 VGFF150 VGFF200 VGFF225
Product Code Clockwise Close VGFF050C VGFF065C VGFF080C VGFF100C VGFF150C VGFF200C VGFF225C

End Connections

Clover resilient seat double flange PN16 gate valves are manufactured with flanged connections in accordance with;

  • DN80 to DN600 – AS/NZS4087 Fig. B5
  • DN50 to DN65 – AS2129 Table E


Nominal Pressure (PN) Allowable Operating Pressure (AOP) Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure (MAOP) Allowable Site Test Pressure (ASTP) Production Test – Body Production Test – Seat
16 1,600 kPa 1,920 kPa 2,000 kPa 2,400 kPa 1,760 kPa

Maximum Operating Temperature


Options & Accessories

Clover resilient seat gate valves have a range of options and accessories available including:

  • Anti-clockwise and clockwise closing models available
  • Handwheel
  • Gearbox Operator (Spur & Bevel)
  • ISO5211 Top Mounting Flange
  • Anchor Legs and Valve Restraint Straps
  • Lilac coloured key-cap available for recycled water applications
  • Alternate flange drillings available upon request

Contact Clover for further information.


Mechanical Properties - Ductile Iron

Property Value & Unit
Ultimate tensile strength (Minimum) 500MPa
Elongation (Minimum) 7%
Density (Specific Gravity) 7.1

Mechanical Properties - Coating

Property Value & Unit
Internal Surface (in contact with drinking water) 350 Microns
External Surface 300 Microns


Design & Install

Installation, Operation & Maintenance

Installation Training

Clover’s in-house engineering team provides a range of training, accreditation and technical support services.

The Clover Academy installation training course provides installers with important information relating to the correct handling, installation, testing, maintenance and repair of Clover pipe systems and products.

Contact the Clover engineering team to discuss scheduling a training program.

Technical Support

Clover’s in-house engineering team combines specialist technical knowledge, creative thinking and on-the-job experience, to offer our clients a range of project planning and consultation services.

From recommendations on product innovations, to crafting complex end-to-end solutions, our collaborative approach bridges the gap between contractors, authorities and suppliers. The only Australian provider able to offer clients the full product suite, Clover offers unbiased, strategic insights that always consider the bigger picture.

From initial planning, to onsite training and technical assistance, we offer input across every stage of your project’s timeline. Our contribution continues beyond the project design, and we remain accessible for ongoing changes and developments over the course of each project.

We work with contractors, asset managers, local councils and government, developers and other pipeline professionals to specify bespoke product solutions. By engaging our team of engineers, you gain access to unparalleled product knowledge and expertise.

Recommended Specifications

  • Gate valves shall be Clover Pipelines resilient seated non-rising spindle type conforming to AS/NZS2638.2
  • Gate valves shall close in an anti-clockwise / clockwise direction
  • Gate valves shall be fitted with a keycap / handwheel
  • Gate valve allowable operating pressure shall be 1,600kPa
  • Protective coatings of gate valves shall be thermally applied polymeric type in accordance with AS/NZS4158
  • Flanges shall be raised face type in accordance with AS/NZS4087 Fig. B5 (DN80-DN600) / AS2129 Table E (DN50-DN65)

Technical Documents

Gate Valve Resilient Seat Double Flanged – Data Sheet

PDF, 240.0K

Gate Valve – WSAA Appraisal

PDF, 1.7M

Flange Assembly Installation Guide

PDF, 216.5K

Gate Valves and Accessories – Product Brochure

PDF, 1.0M