DWV & Stormwater Pipe

DWV & Stormwater Pipe

PVC-U Drain Waste and Vent (DWV) and Stormwater pipes create valuable efficiencies in specialised stormwater and wastewater applications.

Our range of DWV and Stormwater pipes are lightweight, resistant to a variety of chemicals, and are cost effective.

  • Economic and cost effective.

  • High strength, light weight and chemical resistant.

  • Not subject to electrolytic corrosion.


Our range of DWV and Stormwater pipes are impervious to bacteria and fungal attack, and are not affected by electrolytic corrosion.

The fittings are designed with high impact strength, which helps to prevent damage during handling and installation.

All parts assemble easily using either solvent cement or rubber seal rings to accommodate thermal or ground movement.

We ensure each product is accredited to Australian standards, with our DWV and Stormwater pipes certified to AS1260, AS/NZS1260, AS/NZS1254, AS3996 & AS1657.

Properties, dimensions and standards

DWV Pipe and Fittings

  • Non-Pressure Pipe & Fittings to AS/NZS 1260
  • For use in gravity sewer and waste water applications

DWV Pipe

  • Standard: AS/NZS 1260:2002
  • Size Range: DN 100 – 375
  • Stiffness Range: SN4, SN6, SN8 & SN10
  • Lengths: 3m, 6m Spigot-Socket Rubber Ring Joint or Solvent Cement Joint

DWV Fittings

  • Standard: AS/NZS 1260
  • Joint Types: Solvent Cement Joint (SCJ), Rubber Ring Joint (RRJ)

Product Range

  • Bends 15 – 90deg F/F, M/F (RRJ/SCJ)
  • Tees F/F, M/F (RRJ/SCJ)
  • Junctions F/F, M/F (RRJ/SCJ)
  • Manhole Connectors M/F, M/M Sanded/Unsanded (RRJ)
  • Couplings Plain, Slip, Access (RRJ/SCJ)
  • Tapers Socket, Level Invert (RRJ/SCJ)
  • Caps Threaded BSP, Push on
  • Step Irons

Stormwater Pipe and Fittings

  • Non-Pressure Pipe & Fittings to AS/NZS 1254
  • Size Range: DN 90 – 375
  • Lengths: 6m Solvent Cement Joint
  • Slotted Pipe made to order
  • Fitting Range: Bends, Tees, Junctions, Couplings, Bushes, Adaptors, Reducers & Caps

Stiffness Options Pack
150 160 3 m SN4 SN8 28
225 250 3 m SN4 SN8 12
300 315 3 m SN4 SN8 6
375 400 3 m SN4 SN8 4