Open Trench

Open Trench applications are widely used across Australia for pipeline construction, repair or replacement.

Open trench construction involves excavating a trench and installing or repairing the pipeline before backfilling the surface. These types of applications offer the benefits of being safe, fast, and cost effective for a range of construction methods and materials. Over the years, open trench applications have been proven to support pipelines across a wide range markets including infrastructure, irrigation, resources, commercial and asset maintenance. Offering versatility across everything from water main installations within a residential subdivision, to constructing a 15m deep trunk sewer—Clover’s complete product suite offers and end to solution to your open trench project.

Product Standards: AS4441, AS/NZS4765, AS/NZS1477, AS/NZS1260, AS/NZS4130, AS3571, AS/NZS2280 & AS1579

Other Standards: AS/NZS2566.1 & AS/NZS2566.2

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