Our capability within the infrastructure market meets the demand of growing populations across Australia and the Asia Pacific region.

With year on year growth, the need for infrastructure is driven by thriving populations and new communities. We offer a versatile product package that is well-matched with the scale required for major infrastructure projects world wide. Our team are experienced in the development of treatment plants, reticulated water networks, pump stations, and more to meet the constant demand for larger and better sustainable infrastructure.

Our range of PVC, Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP), Polyethylene, Ductile Iron, Mild Steel, and supporting products all contribute to our complete infrastructure package. Learn more about some of the projects and product specifications we have as part of our suite to help support your next major infrastructure project.

Product Standards: AS3571, AS/NZS2280, AS/NZS1260, AS4441, AS/NZS4765, AS/NZS4130, AS/NZS4129 & AS1579

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