Streetware & Identification

Streetware & Identification

We offer a range of streetware and identification options to ensure we support the entirety of your pipeline solution.

Streetware is essential to ensure accurate identification and access to underground services—along with marker tapes, tools and equipment for potable and non-potable water and sewer systems.

  • Available on demand as required, and in conjunction with all your project needs.

  • Used for identification and access to underground services.

  • Suitable for a wide range of applications including potable, non-potable and sewer applications.


At Clover, our range includes:

  • Surface Boxes: Hydrant, Valve, Meter and Service boxes with shrouds and base plates.
  • Markers: Posts, Reflectors and Kerb Markers.
  • Materials: Boxes in Ductile Iron, Cast Iron and Polypropylene.
  • Box Surrounds: Recycled Plastic and Concrete.
  • Colours: Wide range of colours available for both potable and non potable applications.

For the purpose of installation, identification, jointing and testing, we also offer products for use in potable, non-potable water and sewer pressure systems:

Ratchet Spanners, Tools, Tapping Machines, Bevellers, Test Plugs & Kits, Cable Covers, Marker Tapes (detectable and non detectable), Gasket Sets, Seals, Fasteners, Cements, Lubricants, Megapoxy, Petroleum Tapes, Pipe sleeves & tape.