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Areas of Expertise

At Clover, we leverage our areas of expertise to rejuvenate existing communities and establish new ones.

We do this across a range of industries, markets and applications within Australia, and the Asia Pacific region. Our expertise is made possible with unparalleled access to a complete product suite, and a team of professionals that don’t rest on the past, or the present, but turn a steady eye to the future.View our areas of expertise and their associated resources, products and projects below.

Water Supply

We recognise the importance of efficient water supply systems across Australia and the Asia Pacific region.

As water professionals in one of the driest continents in the world, we’re dedicated to maintaining our presence at the forefront of the industry. We invest heavily in experienced people and innovative products to deliver the optimum solution for commercial and industrial water suppliers. Our processes employ the most advanced and pioneering technologies available, to develop superior industry-leading products for water applications.

Clover provides a complete suite of water pipeline systems in PVC, Ductile Iron, Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP), Polyethylene and Mild Steel up to DN4000. Our project engineers have the qualifications and experience to provide expert technical assistance on pipeline planning, product selection, installation and cost-benefit analysis specific to your project needs.

Product Standards: AS4441, AS/NZS4765, AS/NZS1477, AS3571, AS/NZS4130, AS/NZS4129 & AS1579

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Our capability within the infrastructure market meets the demand of growing populations across Australia and the Asia Pacific region.

With year on year growth, the need for infrastructure is driven by thriving populations and new communities. We offer a versatile product package that is well-matched with the scale required for major infrastructure projects world wide. Our team are experienced in the development of treatment plants, reticulated water networks, pump stations, and more to meet the constant demand for larger and better sustainable infrastructure.

Our range of PVC, Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP), Polyethylene, Ductile Iron, Mild Steel, and supporting products all contribute to our complete infrastructure package. Learn more about some of the projects and product specifications we have as part of our suite to help support your next major infrastructure project.

Product Standards: AS3571, AS/NZS2280, AS/NZS1260, AS4441, AS/NZS4765, AS/NZS4130, AS/NZS4129 & AS1579

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Open Trench

Open Trench applications are widely used across Australia for pipeline construction, repair or replacement.

Open trench construction involves excavating a trench and installing or repairing the pipeline before backfilling the surface. These types of applications offer the benefits of being safe, fast, and cost effective for a range of construction methods and materials. Over the years, open trench applications have been proven to support pipelines across a wide range markets including infrastructure, irrigation, resources, commercial and asset maintenance. Offering versatility across everything from water main installations within a residential subdivision, to constructing a 15m deep trunk sewer—Clover’s complete product suite offers and end to solution to your open trench project.

Product Standards: AS4441, AS/NZS4765, AS/NZS1477, AS/NZS1260, AS/NZS4130, AS3571, AS/NZS2280 & AS1579

Other Standards: AS/NZS2566.1 & AS/NZS2566.2

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We’re committed to partnering with leading businesses within the irrigation industry. We deliver responsive and dedicated service across Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific region.

Our irrigation products are designed to support high pressures in a variety of rural and agricultural applications including turf watering, water distribution, potable water mains and general reticulation.
Clover’s team of experienced project engineers and consultants can provide assistance with pipeline design, product selection, installation and training on our range of irrigation products.

We offer a variety of PVC, GRP, HDPE and ductile pipes and fittings to optimise the design and operation of your irrigation system. Additionally, we can provide guidance on the most cost-effective uses of water and power. We offer a huge range of diameters, pressures, and stiffness classes for use in stock watering, micro-irrigation, water mains and reticulation systems—specific to the needs of your project.

Product Standards: AS/NZS4130, AS/NZS4129, AS/NZS1477, AS/NZS4441, AS/NZS4765

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Our range of products continue to prove themselves as premium industrial pipe and fittings in some of Australia’s toughest operating conditions.

We operate using established processes and a diverse suite of fit-for-purpose PVC, GRP and PE products to support your application. Our PVC range features our uniquely manufactured PVC-O pipe, which is the only PVC pipe in the world that can achieve pressure ratings up to PN25 and nominal diameters to DN600. GRP piping systems are ideal for difficult trenchless or trenched installations. Their high strength, corrosion resistance, and ease of installation also makes them suitable for large pipeline infrastructure projects.

Polyethylene (HDPE) pipes feature high impact strength and flexibility, as well as the abrasion resistance required in slurry lines. It’s also ideal for pit dewatering and the countless water and chemical applications within mine operations. We also offer a full range of jointing systems, including butt welding, electrofusion, mechanical couplings and a wide assortment of compression fittings that are capable of meeting the toughest jobs.

Product Standards: AS/NZS4441, AS/NZS4765, AS/NZS4130, AS/NZS2280 & AS/NZS2053

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We’re committed to providing our customers with the widest assortment of water supply pipe and fitting systems available—all manufactured to the highest Australian standards.

We work in close collaboration with designers, builders, plumbers and developers from commercial and industrial backgrounds to offer leading product supply, complete design solutions and onsite technical training.

With a distribution network that delivers to anywhere in Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific region, we have the capability to supply pressure and non-pressure pipes and fittings as part of our complete product suite. We cater for all plumbing applications within the water and waste water industries, and leverage our range to provide you with the products that best fit your application.

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We partner with global organisations through our ability to export premium, standard compliant pipeline infrastructure products worldwide.

This part of our service offering allows our team to partner with organisations around the world in the source and supply of pipeline products. Our complete product package can be leveraged depending on the needs and requirements of your organisation across the water and wastewater industries. We can develop specific product export packages that are aligned with your exact supply and distribution requirements.

Our range of PVC pipes, Ductile Iron and supporting products are available to be utilised in joint ventures or projects. They can be product and standard driven, ensuring that you receive a range that is completely compliant with stringent Australian certifications. As both New Zealand and the APAC region operates under Australian standards, this is a unique opportunity for distributors, major contractors and businesses to partner with leaders in the industry.

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Sewer & Wastewater

Our dedicated team of experts work closely with our clients in the wastewater industry to deliver superior and comprehensive solutions for the disposal of sewage and effluent materials.

Our team is passionate about establishing strong long-term connections with civil contractors, water authorities, designers, consultants and other water industry stakeholders throughout Australia, New Zealand, and the wider Asia Pacific region. We source and supply a suite of PVC, Ductile Iron, Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP), Polyethylene and Mild Steel wastewater products in pipe diameters of up to DN4000 for effective wastewater systems.

Within the industry, both water authorities and contractors recognise the advantages of corrosion resistance, ease of handling and installation and long-term proven performance. These qualities, as well as considered design and reliable cost-effective construction, are all represented in our range of products for wastewater applications—ensuring your project overcomes all current and future challenges.

Product Standards: AS3571, AS/NZS2280, AS/NZS1260, AS4441, AS/NZS4765, AS/NZS4130, AS/NZS4129, AS/NZS4999, AS/NZS4798, & AS1579

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Our service and product offering gives our clients the opportunity to apply best practice stormwater management and incorporate water sensitive design to their projects.

Our dedicated team of experts work closely with our clients to develop fit-for-purpose solutions that consider the unique considerations and management of stormwater projects. This expertise ensures we remain at the forefront of global stormwater trends and technologies. We offer an extensive product suite for stormwater and drainage applications.

With options that offer ease of handling and simple installation, and a wide range of sizes, we have ideal products for traditional and custom project scenarios. Our Superlit GRP range includes a fully integrated rubber ring joint, which is especially effective for use in both open-trench or trenchless stormwater or drainage projects that require large diameters, high pressures, deep burial, or a combination of all three.

Product Standards: AS3571, AS/NZS1260, AS/NZS1254, AS4441, AS/NZS4765, AS/NZS4130, AS/NZS4129

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Land development

At Clover, land development is a core part of our business. We fulfill projects across water, wastewater and stormwater infrastructure as part of our leading expertise.

Our team works across sub-divisional and land development projects as part of their day-to-day. We provide the most complete product package for applications within the market, and service the entire spectrum of requirements with our unparalleled range of PVC, Polyethylene, Ductile Iron, valve and accessory products.

We combine our product suite with excellent service and fast turnaround for clients. This means that we’re nimble in response to changes in design or application, and work with our clients to optimise their requirements, often suggesting more cost-effective solutions. Clover’s in-house engineering team work closely with contractors, water authorities, developers and designers at every stage of the project. We identify product requirements based on the unique elements of each development or subdivision portfolio to ensure the best outcome for your project today, and into the future.

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Hydropower & Renewables

Hydropower, renewables and sustainable product solutions align with our future facing approach to pipeline infrastructure.

Hydropower projects are an opportunity for our team to contribute to this growing space and support our environment. The demand for sustainable and renewable energy is growing, and we offer a range of products that are ideal for this market.

Our product suite allows us to utilise this technology locally, and around the world. We partner with global manufacturers that consistently strive to deliver innovation in this area, and produce large diameter products for projects of this type and scale. Our range of GRP and Steel pipes are produced with the capability to support sustainable solutions, due to their high strength and reliability in large applications.

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While each project we undertake is unique, we’re mindful that all of our clients are committed to installing superior pipelines that maintain cost-efficiency.

When working within established urban areas, traditional open-cut excavation methods for installing, renovating or maintaining services can be disruptive to the community and the environment. Mitigating these disruptions can be key in ensuring that a project remains efficient and sustainable.

This is where trenchless technologies come to the fore. Our team can provide insights and expertise on trenchless and ‘no-dig’ technologies including pipe bursting and sliplining, horizontal directional drilling, micro-tunnelling and pipe jacking. Our range of GRP Jacking and HDPE pipe products are available in a selection of sizes, lengths, and jacking loads to cater for this growing application.

Product Standards: AS3571, ISO25780, AS/NZS4130.

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Asset Maintenance

We work with water authorities and utilities to support the efficiency of water network infrastructure for years to come.

We apply our knowledge of the water industry to repair and support your network. We partner with leading water authorities, local councils and state government to upgrade and maintain systems in the case of aging or failing infrastructure.

We have an extensive range of products available for asset maintenance projects, taking into consideration local preferences per state and country. We source industry leading, standard compliant ranges of PVC, PE, Ductile Iron and supporting products for every pipeline. Our team of engineers apply their expertise to new and existing infrastructure, allowing them to fill gaps and satisfy unique requirements. We also carry stock across our Australian distribution centres for emergency scenarios or projects with tight delivery deadlines.

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