Founded in 1990 and drawing on over 30 years of world-class product design, manufacturing, and supply pedigree, Erciyas is one of the worlds leading steel pipe manufacturers for civil water applications.

While producing and exporting over 600,000 tonnes of the highest quality steel pipe each year—to more than 75 countries around the world—Erciyas’ commitment to sustainability and the environment remains steadfast. As one of Europe’s largest spirally welded steel pipe producers, Erciyas takes stringent measures to ensure production is respectful to our planet. This is thanks to green-friendly initiatives such as a ‘zero consumption’ policy for fossil fuels and using renewable energies to power manufacturing.

In addition to aligning with Clover’s dedication to community, sustainability and future-facing pipeline infrastructure, Erciyas provides a truly elite product suite. This includes steel pipe for water and wastewater applications in sizes from 273mm to 4,064mm (external diameter), an extensive range of innovative linings and coatings to extend performance in challenging conditions, and a complete selection of standard and custom-fabricated fittings.

World-class products, global compliance

Thanks to rigorous testing in state-of-the-art laboratories located within Erciyas’ manufacturing facilities, our range of steel pipes comes manufactured to world-class standards including:

  • AS1579:2001 Arc-welded steel pipes and fittings for water and wastewater.
  • AS4321:2001 Polyethylene coatings and linings for pipes and fittings.
  • AS1281:2001 Cement mortar linings of steel pipes and fittings.

excavators moving pipe in a storage yard


Our comprehensive range of Erciyas steel pipe products features a range of sizes, as well as standard proven polyethylene-coated and cement-lined pipes. Alternative coatings and linings are available to suit specific applications: