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Founded in 1856, Saint-Gobain PAM is a leading international manufacturer and distributor of ductile cast iron pipeline systems.

Saint-Gobain PAM represents the pipeline-focused arm of the wider Saint-Gobain Group, a global manufacturing heavyweight with more than 170,000 specialist employees working across 70 countries. With a keen focus on innovating for the future, Saint-Gobain has obtained over 1,500 patents worldwide. Clover is proud to form a strong partnership with Saint-Gobain PAM, chosen as the exclusive Australian distributor of PAM ductile iron pipe. Our ongoing collaboration is based on dedication to cutting-edge solutions, industry-leading quality, and sustainable practice.

Cutting-edge solutions

Saint-Gobain PAM uses the latest ductile iron manufacturing technology, including Zinalium. Zinalium is a patented protection system that extends the life and performance of ductile iron pipe in corrosive soils, while eliminating the need for polyethylene sleeving.

Industry-leading world class quality

While pushing the envelope, Saint-Gobain PAM products also adhere to primary international norms and standards. For example, these include ISO 9001 (quality management systems); ISO 14001 (environmental management); and ISO 2531 and EN 545 (both specific to ductile iron pipes).

Sustainable practice

Across their entire ductile iron pipe range, Saint-Gobain Pam provides effective methods for assessing the environmental impacts of products, services and processes. Two key methods include pipeline Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Life Cycle Analysis is used to evaluate the impact of a product or service throughout its life cycle; from the moment it is manufactured to the moment it is recycled. Total Cost of Ownership takes into account the cost of a pipeline throughout its entire life cycle, including purchase, installation and maintenance and end-of-life recycling. All PAM ductile iron pipe products benefit from remarkable return on investment, thanks to incredibly low maintenance requirements, water-tightness of materials, and the savings this facilitates in terms of reduced pumping.

We are proud to be working with a valuable partner like Clover. Being our sole partner in Australia, we trust Clover will keep developing PAM solutions for water in the future.

Mr. Jérôme LIONET, CEO of PAM

Key Saint-Gobain PAM products

As the exclusive Australian dealer for Saint-Gobain PAM—with an extensive local inventory—we offer world-class products with rapid delivery to your site.

Saint-Gobain PAM products in application

In addition to PAM’s leading-quality product suite, we proudly offer detailed expertise and technical prowess, installation know-how, and broad resources and skills to support customers beyond the point of installation. Here are some highlights of PAM products in application: