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Betta Fluid Machinery Manufacturing

Betta Fluid Machinery Manufacturing is an innovative valve design and production company, with a dedicated focus on providing the highest quality valves for civil water applications.

With extensive design, testing and manufacturing facilities, Betta is perfectly poised to support our vision for future facing pipeline infrastructure. Betta’s strong production capabilities—manufacturing and shipping over 150,000 units each year around the world—combine with a commitment to quality, and an approach that is carefully tailored to each customer’s unique requirement. For example, in addition to being TUV ISO 9001 accredited, Betta’s range of gate valves comes purpose-engineered in accordance with a variety of Australian Standards and approvals, including AS/NZS2638.2, AS/NZS2638.1, and AS3952. Our partnership with Betta is built on a commitment to innovation, the highest standards of quality, and a robust dedication to customer service.

A commitment to compliance

Throughout the manufacturing process, Betta conducts comprehensive quality assurance on all products to meet the stringent accreditation requirements of various global water authorities. This includes design, manufacturing and testing in accordance with the requirements for Australian & New Zealand standards product certification and WSAA product endorsement.

a number of blue water valves on a shipping palette

Testing for durability and performance

Every product is thoroughly tested throughout manufacturing. This includes onsite assurances for electronic micron-level testing, high voltage spark testing, and various processes for hydraulic testing on assembly. All castings are shot blasted three times for optimum preparation pre-coating. Thermally bonded polymeric coating is provisioned via either air-induced fluidized bed dipping or electrostatic manual spraying.

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A wide range, ready to meet your requirements

Clover stock an extensive range of Betta valves specifically engineered for use in pressure water supply and sewerage applications. The product suite includes Betta’s high quality Resilient Seat Gate Valves, hydrants and isolation valves.


Betta’s manufacturing excellence extends to the following gate valve products we always have on-hand as local inventory.


With a variable range of high-quality products—and knowledgeable technical experts with the insight to find the right solution for unique applications—we’ve implemented Betta valves in the following projects: