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Marsden Park Western and Northern Sewer lead ins

Marsden Park Western and Northern Sewer lead ins

Sydney’s Elara housing development is part of the Marsden Park community’s ongoing expansion. A collaborative approach was developed to deliver the wastewater solution for new housing infrastructure and a growing community

Project Marsden Park Western & Northern Sewer lead ins

Client Sydney Water and Stockland Developments

Location Marsden Park, Sydney Australia

When 2016/2017

Scope Manufacture, supply and deliver GRP pipe and fitting solution.

The project involved the delivery of a Deep Gravity Sewer for Sydney Water and Stockland Developments. The application required micro tunneling and open trench installation to prepare the site for housing development.

The work consisted of:

  • Bulk earthworks over 50,000 m³.
  • Excavations up to 16m deep.
  • Micro tunnelling excavation and installation of DN 375 and DN 450 pipes for a total length of 1,707m.
  • Open trench installation of DN 375 and DN 450 pipes for a length of 493m.
  • Construction of 27 new maintenance shafts.

Sharing experience and knowledge

The project showcased the partnership between Diona, Clover and Pezzimenti during construction.

Diona was the head contractor responsible for delivering the project. They installed the open trench sections, excavated the deep entry/exit pits, constructed the concrete manhole structures and conducted on-site testing.

Pezzimenti were engaged by Diona as specialist micro tunneling contractors, with the expertise and knowledge to bore tunnels and install the jacking pipe/slip lined sections.

In conjunction with Superlit, Clover verified the pipeline design for suitability with our GRP pipe. Due to the extreme depth required for the project, and site challenges including water charged ground, accurate pipe selection was critical to the success of the application.

Solution highlights

  • Total number of bores completed: 16 bores required for lead ins
  • Total length of bores completed: 1707m in total
  • Length of bores ranged between: 20m to 160m
  • Depth of bores ranged from: 3.8m to 11.98m to invert
  • Ground type: Shale

Clover delivered a complete package of quality wastewater products including GRP SN20 filament wound pipe, GRP jacking pipes and PVC pipes and fittings.

We progressively shipped the products to meet construction requirements. This meant the products only arrived onsite when they were needed, minimising the space required for storage.

In addition to our role as suppliers, we also provided technical support to the installation crews from both Diona and Pezzimenti.

Our Superlit GRP pipes were selected as they can withstand extreme depths (Up to 12m) and the axial forces applied during the pipe jacking and slip lining processes. The pipes were supplied in effective lengths of up to 2.4m for the micro tunnel.

Its superior coupling system provided the installer with confidence that it would not leak during installation or operation. This is important when working with critical infrastructure at such extreme depths, as it is difficult to fix with ease.

Throughout the duration of the project, Clover had pipes available in stock across Australia. Our holding pipe stock in both SN20 and jacking contributed to the speedy delivery of the project. This allowed for the construction program to accelerate, with the asset being commissioned on schedule.

Following this project and wastewater application, up to an additional 3,800 homes are being built in Marsden Park. Clover is proud to have taken part in a project that supports a greater community in the area. The construction has helped establish new homes and rejuvenated Marsden Park.

As of 2017, the area caters for a hub of services, including education, parks and leisure.

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