Sewer and Waste Water


We proudly manufacture and distribute a superior range of pipe and pipeline package solutions, for all sewer applications in pipe diameters up to DN4000.

Our dedicated team of experts work closely with designers, plumbers and developers, to deliver innovative and comprehensive solutions for disposal of sewage and effluent materials. The team at Clover is passionate about sharing knowledge and establishing strong connections with plumbers, builders, consultants, State and local councils, water authorities, developers and civil contractors throughout Australia and New Zealand, to ensure we remain at the forefront of the latest trends and products.

In line with that spirit, we’re proud to offer information regarding the optimum use case for each of the products in our sewer and waste water category.

PVC is the established and most effective pipe material for sewer mains. Both water authorities and contractors recognise its many key advantages: complete corrosion resistance, ease of handling and installation, resistance to root penetration and long-term proven performance. These qualities, in addition to considered design and reliable construction, ensure that PVC is a trustworthy waste pipe option that overcomes the problems of water infiltration and sewerage exfiltration.

Our leading and innovative TOM PVC-O now allows PVC to be used in a larger array of systems. This is due to our improved manufacturing ability enabling production up to DN600 and PN25.

GRP is a well-established pipe material that suitable for the most corrosive of fluids, making it an ideal option for sewer mains, drainage and waste fluids. With a fully integrated rubber ring joint, it is especially effective in projects that require large diameters, high pressures, deep burial application, or all three in combination.

We also supply HDPE, a particularly effective sewer pipe relining material that is perfectly suited to the rehabilitation of existing sewers, and the restoration of water mains in need of renewal. With trenchless technology becoming increasingly prevalent throughout the industry, there is an increasing need to repair aging systems. Relining existing piping with HDPE or GRP is a proven and incredibly effective solution. For information, get in touch with one of our experienced representatives.

Product Standards: AS/NZS1260, AS/NZS1254, AS/NZS4999, AS3996 & AS1657