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Canterbury Town Centre Microtunneling Project

Canterbury Town Centre Microtunneling Project

Our NSW team was engaged to supply GRP pipe for six microtunnels located alongside Sydney’s Cooks River, through the suburb of Canterbury.

Project Canterbury Microtunnel

Client Sydney Water

Location Canterbury, NSW

When 2018

Scope Manufacture, supply and deliver DN300 GRP Micro-tunnelling solution

The purpose of the project was to upsize pre-existing infrastructure, catering for the growing population in the Canterbury community.Engaged alongside both Diona and Pezzimenti, the Clover team worked to source, supply and coordinate the delivery of pipeline infrastructure to the busy Sydney suburb.

The project involved the addition of an extra sewerage line to the pump station—and was completed using the trenchless free-bore method. This unique method was especially beneficial for this application, as it prevented the need to excavate the area for a traditional installation method.

Technical specifications

As project partners, the Clover team provided the supply of our GRP pipe. The technical specifications of the project required a diameter of DN300, with an SN20000 stiffness rating. The total length of the six bores totaled to nearly 500m through sandstone.

All of the bores were in sandstone which allowed the use of slip lining the carrier pipe into a Freebore. Here, an oversized bore (slightly larger than the collar of the pipe) was bored, the drilling rods retracted then the GRP carrier main inserted into the bore on skids. The annulus was then grouted and the pipe floats into its final set position at the top of the bore—held down with spacers (Pezzimenti, 2018).

The large internal diameter and wall thickness of the GRP pipe lent itself well to Pezzimenti’s free-bore microtunneling method—which does not require a casing pipe in certain soil and application conditions. The method presented a significant cost saving, as the pipe is installed straight into the microtunnel—the lack of casing pipe enabling a significant financial saving and time efficient solution. This outcome also reduced restoration efforts, as there was less construction impact to the street.

All products were on time and on site when we needed them. They were also fit for purpose: slotting well into the microtunnels we bored for the pipes.

Scott Wells, Pezzimenti Construction Manager.

Logistics and supply

The Clover team maintained an integrated approach when working with both Diona and Pezzimenti during the project. The tight project turnaround was made more efficient due to our ability to provide our GRP pipe on demand from our extensive local inventory.

Ongoing communication was essential to ensure access to the confined project site on the suburban streets. With challenging site of approximately 25m x 4m, factors such as traffic and pedestrians created congestion—and we worked closely with the team onsite to ensure that deliveries were made when required.

The space also created the restraint of limited storage capacity, which meant that deliveries had to be targeted, and consistent to ensure the right products were on site at the right time.

The project’s success was recognised for a National Award from the Civil Contractors Federation National Earth Awards. This is the third award the project has secured after winning the CCF NSW Category 3 – Project Value $5 million to $10 million Award and Overall SafeWork NSW Work Health and Safety Project of Distinction Award in early 2018.

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