Clover’s spring hydrants comply with AS/NZS 3952 and are compatible with a range of pipeline systems, including PVC, GRP, Ductile Iron, Polyethylene and Steel.

Clover's range of spring hydrants are suitable for use in below and above ground potable and non potable water applications, and is manufactured using ductile iron for high strength and impact resistance.

  • Thermally bonded polymeric coating for long life corrosion protection.

  • Isolated stainless steel fasteners for corrosion protection.

  • Light weight environmentally friendly design for safe and simple installation.

  • Hydrostatically factory tested to guarantee field performance.


Clover’s Spring Hydrant provides access to a pipeline via a standpipe for fire fighting, flushing and scouring purposes.

We also offer a lilac yoke option available for recycled water applications, and a swab type option available with removable internal components to allow full bore access to the pipeline for swab insertion and removal.

Properties, dimensions and standards

  • Size Range: DN80 & DN100
  • Allowable Operating Pressure: 1600kPa
  • Maximum Temperature: 40 C
  • Connections: AS4087 Fig B5 (Fig B6 Option available)
  • Certifications: AS/NZS 3952 and AS/NZS 4020
  • Product License: OMK22026
  • WSAA Appraisal: PA11/28

Standard Hydrant

DN H L L1 N PCD KG Potable Recycled
80 264 143 216 4X18 146 11 VH080 VH080L
100 264 166 216 4X18 178 13 VH100 VH100L

Swab Hydrant

DN H L L1 N PCD KG Potable Recycled
80 264 143 216 4X18 146 11 VH080S VH080SL
100 264 166 216 4X18 178 13 VH100S VH100SL