Water Supply


At Clover, we recognise the importance of the water supply industry in Australia. Not only are we the driest in the world, we’re also one of the highest per-capita consumers of water.

That’s why we’re dedicated to maintaining our presence at the forefront of the industries’ products. We invest heavily in committed people and innovative products, to deliver the optimum solution for commercial and industrial water suppliers.

Our experience and enthusiasm combines to save our clients time and money – because when we deliver the perfect product faster, you can get the job underway quicker.
Clover proudly provides water supply pipeline systems in PVC-O, PVC-M, PVC-U, GRP, DI PUR, and HDPE, from DN80 up to DN4000. Our sales team has the qualifications and experience to provide expert engineering advice on pipeline design, product selection, installation and cost-benefit analysis specific to your project’s needs.

PVC pipes are the number one, industry-standard choice for water supply because of their smooth bore. This allows for higher flow rates. PVC piping products are completely corrosion resistant, and easy to handle, transport and install. They provide excellent performance and offer extended, trouble free service life.

TOM PVC-O pipes have been developed by MOLECOR, the only company in the world that’s entirely dedicated to researching and manufacturing PVC-O pipes. The MOLECOR manufacturing process employs the most advanced and pioneering technologies available, to develop superior, industry-leading products for water piping supply applications. TOM PVC-O pipes are the only PVC pipe in the world to be able to achieve pressure ratings up to PN25 in nominal diameters to DN600.

Product Standards: AS/NZS4441, AS/NZS4765, AS/NZS1477, AS3571, AS/NZS4130, AS/NZS4129