Our range of ductile iron pipes offer durability and strength for long-term performance across a range of water, sewage, wastewater and slurry applications.

Clover's ductile iron pipes are manufactured to AS/NZS2280 for premium quality and superior long-term reliability and performance.

  • DN80 to DN750 diameters available for compatibility with standard ductile iron fittings and valves.

  • PN35 & PN20 Pressure classes available.

  • Industry leading 400g/m2 Zinc Aluminium (ZnAl400) external coating for active corrosion protection supplied as standard.

  • AS/NZS2280 Certified and WSAA Appraised.

  • Standard general purpose cement mortar lining with or without seal coating. High Alumina Cement (HAC) option available for sewage and aggressive medium applications.

  • Polyethylene pipe sleeving, fittings, valves and accessories suitable for use with our ductile iron pipe available from Clover.


Offering a long service life, the flexibility of Clover’s range means that our ductile iron pipes are suitable for water reticulation projects, potable and non-potable pressure pipelines, rising mains, pump stations, fire service mains, slurry, sewage, industrial and irrigation applications.

Properties, dimensions and standards

  • Size Range: DN80 – DN750
  • Pressure Range: PN35, PN20 & Flange Class (Pipe Fabrication)
  • Standard: AS/NZS 2280:2014 (AS2280)
  • Product Licence Number: AMI74618
  • WSAA Appraisal: PA17/19
  • WSAA Purchase Specification: PS200 – Ductile Iron Pipes (CIOD) for Pressure Applications – Water Supply and Sewerage
  • External Coating Options: 400g/m2 Zinc Aluminium (ZnAl400), 200g/m2 Zinc (Zn200), Polymeric and epoxy.
  • Internal Coating Options: General Purpose Portland Cement Mortar Lining (Optional seal coating) & High Alumina Cement (HAC) for sewer and aggressive medium applications.
  • Effective Length: 5.7m Standard

Ductile Iron Cement Lined Pipe – PN35
DNMean OD (mm)Mean ID (mm)Length Mass (kg)Joint Deflection (Deg)
  • Effective length 5.7m