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PVC-U Pipe

PVC-U Pipe


PVC-U materials offer a range of key benefits. PVC-U is lightweight and offers an extremely smooth bore together with precision joints, providing unrivalled hydraulic capacity. It is corrosion resistant and the solvent cement joint system virtually eliminates tree root intrusion, leakage or ground water infiltration.

We offer a wide range of other high performance PVC pipe systems, including our collection of TOM PVC-O & MPVC pipes for use in both pressure and non-pressure applications.

Key Features

  • DN50 to DN375
  • PN6 to PN18
  • High Toughness
  • Corrosion Resitant
  • Light Weight - Installation savings
  • Available in RRJ or SWJ

Properties, Dimensions, & Standards

PVC-U PIPE AND FITTINGS – SERIES 1. Pressure Pipe & Fittings to AS/NZS 1477 For use in general water industry pipelines

PVC-U Pressure Pipe

  • Standard: AS/NZS 1477
  • Size Range: DN 50 – 600
  • Pressure Range: PN6, PN9, PN12, PN15 & PN18
  • Lengths: 6m Spigot-Socket Rubber Ring Joint or Solvent Cement Joint
    (Other lengths available and made to order)

Pressure Fittings

  • Standard: AS/NZS 1477
  • Size Range: DN 50 – 300
  • Pressure Range: PN18 (Fittings <= DN150), PN10 (Fittings > DN150)
  • Joint Types: Solvent Cement Joint (SCJ), Threaded (BSP) or Flanged
  • Elbows 45 or 90o – SCJ, SCJ x BSP
  • Tees SCJ, SCJ x BSP
  • Couplings SCJ
  • Adaptors SCJ x BSP
  • Sockets SCJ x BSP
  • Bushes SCJ
  • Caps SCJ
  • Barrel Unions SCJ
  • Vanstone Flanges Table D, E and ANSI
  • Stub Flanges SCJ c/w Backing Ring

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