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PVC Maintenance Shaft

PVC Maintenance Shaft


The PVC Central Axis Maintenance Shaft offers a new solution to traditional manholes in sewer applications.

In approved waste water applications, PVC Maintenance Shafts can fully replace traditional concrete manholes – resulting in time and cost savings due its unique properties and seamless operational value.

Key Features

  • Australian-made, high strength injection moulded PVC components.
  • Purpose designed and bespoke for each application.
  • Designed for optimum performance and compact in size.
  • Compatibility with existing PVC systems, including SWJ or RRJ connections. Available with standard Solvent Cement Joint (SCJ) or optional Rubber Ring Joint (RRJ) types (adaptors for other pipe types available on request).
  • Suits 100mm, 150mm or 225mm pipe systems, and either 225mm or 300mm riser connections.
  • Complements our existing range of Inline and Terminal MS fittings and accessories.

Unique Benefits

  • Designed for easy passage of camera and cleaning equipment, meaning that no individuals are required to access or clean the maintenance shaft directly. Water authorities are preventing person access to sewers for safety (hazardous gasses, confined spaces). Therefore, the system saves time spent on cleaning and inspection without endangering lives — making it safer for workers.
  • The PVC Maintenance Shaft is cost competitive, coming in several thousand dollars less expensive than concrete access manholes. Multiplied across all replaced concrete manholes in your system, this solution saves tens of thousands in the short and long term. — The product is easier to install, when compared to a complex concrete formwork. Where a manhole may take 1-1.5 weeks, a Maintenance Shaft takes hours. There is no requirement of waiting for concrete to dry, and each one can be installed concurrently — reducing cost of labour and man hours.
  • Aymroo’s Maintenance shafts are the only ones of its kind to be manufactured from PVC. A PVC Maintenance Shaft is compatible with 90% of all sewer installations across Australia and New Zealand, requiring no additional adaptors to connect to other materials.
  • Due to most sewage applications being constructed from PVC, the maintenance shaft fits in seamlessly alongside PVC pipes and fittings — creating a uniform system. This contrasts with traditional concrete manholes, which often require various additional configurations to maintain compatibility.
  • Other maintenance shafts made from polyethylene and/or polypropylene do not join well in PVC systems, requiring glue or additional adapters — often resulting in unpreventable leaks over time.
  • The PVC construction is lightweight, robust and strong. This allows for easier handing for installers, and lower weight when shipping. Its lightness can also be attributed to its compact size. The compact size of the product means that its small footprint requires less excavation and reduced spoil.
  • The system has better hydraulic properties due to the smoothness of PVC when compared to concrete. The high friction caused by concrete in wastewater applications reduces hydraulic performance

Design Features

The design features of the PVC Maintenance Shaft are bespoke and depends on your project or application needs. Clover can supply the product within 3-5 working days, and it is manufactured in Australia entirely to your specifications.

The custom design process can achieve any deflection, grade and inlet height to allow for a flexible, unique fit. The extensive range of configurations and tailor made outcomes mean that your pipeline system can operate at its best. Each Maintenance Shaft will be customised to the desired grade and angle using a custom-built CNC machine. Each inlet takes approximately 60 seconds to cut, at an accuracy of +0.02 accuracy. Deflections intersect at the riser point for easier sewer designing and tighter fitment around property boundaries.

The PVC Maintenance Shaft is designed for access within a wastewater application, and the pipe geometry ensures good flow characteristics. The base design includes a sculpted channel to help direct flow, with 2 stage grade to assist with outflow. The outlet neck of the product is designed to cater for connections to larger maintenance equipment and allows for easier passing of rodding and CCTV equipment.

Testing and Certifications

At Clover, we value products that are the best in the industry, and certified for quality. It’s why we value testing and manufacturing to Australian requirements — making our products recommended and suitable for installations across the country.

The Maintenance Shaft system is manufactured to the requirements of AS/NZS4999, specific to PVC-U maintenance shafts.

It has also been accredited by the Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA) to Product Appraisal 137, which is industry standard for maintenance shafts and sewage chambers.

Due to its various unique properties, the PVC Maintenance Shaft system is recommended as an alternative to manholes by WSAA members and associates. All major water boards have also approved the system for installation across Australia.

The system has also undergone the following tests for performance:

  • Batch testing includes a mandatory vacuum test on every unit.
  • FEA Stress analysis completed within requirements for depths up to 6m.

Place your order today

We want to make the ordering process as simple as possible, so follow the steps below when placing a request for your Central Axis PVC Maintenance Shaft:

  • Use our Production Order Sheet to place an order for a Central Axis Maintenance Shaft.
  • This form will allow you to enter deflection, height and grade data which can then be uploaded directly to the manufacturer.
  • This data is transmitted to the CNC cutting equipment. This reduces the likelihood of data entry errors and reduces the delay before fabrication can begin.
  • All PVC Maintenance Shafts are Australian made and are ready within 3-5 working days.

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