PVC-O Pressure Pipe

PVC-O Pressure Pipe

Clover's Oriented PVC pipe (PVC-O) undergoes a rigorous manufacturing process to ensure world-leading quality in potable, recycled water and wastewater applications.

The TOM PVC-O pipe's orientation imparts high impact resistance and material efficiency, resulting in a capable eco-friendly pipe system. The advanced manufacturing process requires less energy when compared to traditional PVC materials and it has the lowest embodied energy of any pipe system worldwide.

  • New generation series 2 PVC-O pipe.

  • Sizes from DN100 to DN600.

  • Pressures from PN12 to PN25.

  • Guaranteed Stiffness of SN10,000.

  • High strength and light weight.

  • Eliminates corrosion and electrolysis.

  • Smooth bore for low flow resistance.

  • High impact and fatigue resistance.

  • Increased hydraulic capacity.


TOM PVC-O pipes are the only PVC pipe in the world to be able to achieve pressure ratings up to PN25 in nominal diameters to DN600.

With exceptional strength, ductility and impact resistance, our Oriented PVC pipe is approved to AS/NZS4441 and AS4441 standards.

Despite its robust capability, the TOM-PVC O pipe is light weight for easy installation and is 100% recyclable.


  • Water supply reticulation and trunk mains.
  • Irrigation systems.
  • Recycled water systems.
  • Pumped effluent: sewage, industrial and waste water.
  • Slurry pipelines: mining waste.
  • Potable water applications (Blue).
  • Recycled water applications (Purple).
  • Sewer and wastewater applications (Cream).

Mean ID (mm)Pack
Class 450
Class 500
Class 500
1001226 m114.9112.336
1501776 m167.3163.524
2002326 m219.1214.110
2252596 m244.7239.18
2502866 m270.0263.86
3003456 m325.9318.56
3754266 m404.7393.110 *
4505076 m481.7467.76 *
6006676 m633.9615.56 *

* Packs can be altered to suit project and transport needs.