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Rajan Kumar

General Manager Fiji, Pacific Region

Drawing on robust industry experience in a broad variety of roles, Rajan Kumar brings a dynamic blend of technical expertise, business acumen and dedication to environmental sustainability to his role as General Manager Fiji.

Rajan oversees the full spectrum of Clover’s Fiji operations: from production and quality control to market expansion and team management. Over the years, he has developed an equally all-encompassing skillset in both practical and theoretical capacities. Rajan’s career trajectory spans both hands-on engineering roles and strategic management positions, and he has cultivated expertise in hydrology, stormwater management, erosion control, and wastewater treatment.

“By driving innovation and environmental consciousness, we aim to revolutionise the pipeline industry, delivering exceptional solutions to our clients while minimising our environmental footprint.”

Rajan Kumar - General Manager Fiji, Pacific Region

Beginning his career as a Construction Engineer, Rajan consolidated his practical engineering skills before widening his focus in the role of Technical Sales Engineer. The shift saw Rajan continue to hone his practical ability while designing cutting-edge pipeline technologies for clients seeking tailored solutions.

Today, Rajan’s position of General Manager Fiji reflects his passion for leadership, his commitment to innovation, and proven track record in delivering exceptional solutions at scale while maintaining equal focus on sustainability for community and environment alike.

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