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Nick Gage

Account Executive, Queensland

With a strong track record in delivering high value civil infrastructure projects, Nick brings broad experience and a robust network of industry connections to the team.

Nick’s previous positions in business development and procurement-based roles within the water sector ensure he maintains a keen eye for stakeholder motivations and requirements, with an exacting focus on details.

“The team here offers an impressive wealth of expertise. You’re constantly surrounded by knowledge. That equates to better service for our key markets through a shared ability to pre-empt and proactively eliminate common issues.”

Nick Gage - Account Executive, Queensland

Key highlights from Nick’s recent past include the rapid development of a solution to mitigate the impact of burst DN710 Polyethylene trunk water main, affecting water supply for over 8,000 properties. Additionally, Nick has demonstrated strong performance across countless replacement programs and pump station implementations with a range of Australian Water Authorities.

Nick brings a wealth of expertise to his clients in civil water applications, with particular experience in replacement programs, trunk mains, pump stations, and commercial.

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