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George Tsiotsioras

Client Services, New South Wales, New South Wales

With an extensive career in customer service and operations roles, George draws on a diverse skillset and owner-operator experience to provide leading client services in Clover’s New South Wales team.

George blends technical nous with a personal, rapport-driven approach. He’s held a variety of roles in various industries and previously ran his own business, providing IT hard- and soft-ware support for educational institutions throughout the state.

For George, high-quality client service is all about fostering relationships through clear communication at every stage of each project. This helps to ensure clear-cut expectations, effective time and priority management, and successful outcomes.

“A healthy team dynamic—supporting strong relationships with clients and suppliers—is the key to effective work.”

George Tsiotsioras - Client Services, New South Wales, New South Wales

George is an efficient and collaborative team member who appreciates vibrant and close-knit working environments. Clover is very pleased to have him on board in our New South Wales operations.

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