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Aaron Langston

Account Executive NSW/ACT, New South Wales & Australian Capital Territory

Aaron combines a passion for family, customer service, golf, and sustainability in his role as Account Executive at Clover, serving the NSW/ACT region. With a decade of experience in plumbing, civil sales, and management, Aaron’s journey in the industry has been marked by steady growth—from his early days as a delivery driver to achieving state management level roles. His background as a light vehicle mechanic and diesel fitter gives him a unique appreciation for the hands-on work that defines our clients’ daily challenges.

At Clover, Aaron is known for his dedication to integrity and his commitment to making the work environment more supportive and streamlined. He believes in empowerment through trust and autonomy, valuing a culture of encouragement and opportunity for all. Aaron’s approach to work is customer-focused, prioritising satisfaction through transparency, ownership, and accountability.

Outside of work, Aaron is a family man and a lifetime musician with a penchant for drums. Aaron’s philosophy is simple yet thoughtful: Integrity over everything. He’s not just an Account Executive; he embodies Clover’s culture of excellence and accountability.

Whether it’s fostering long-lasting client relationships or contributing to a vibrant team atmosphere, he is truly a valuable asset to our community.

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