The Company

For the love of water and innovation

Clover has a love for the industry, it’s clients successes and innovation. With the most technically advanced PVC pipe manufacturing technology developed by Molecor for our range of TOM PVC-O we are passionate about delivering the best product and service to our customers.

Our strategic approach of working with industry leaders, research and development through sound investment and innovation, coupled by meticulous quality control and safety has established Clover as a global leader in the thermoplastics industry.

With innovative thinking that stretches across customer service with our qualified team who ensures the service we provide is second to none. To stay ahead of the game, we make sure we don’t rest on the past, but focus on our customer’s next project and challenge.

Uniquely, Clover has a dedicated Research and Development Team that works collectively with internationally recognised industry leading manufacturers and water networks.

Our continuous improvement programs examine new materials, process technology, manufacturing equipment and new product developments ensure our leading innovative edge within the pipeline industry. What does this mean? Better products for you and the industry that meet the strictest approval requirements and exceed industry standards.

We don’t shy away from our enviable reputation as Australia’s most innovative and reliable manufacturer and distributor of high quality pipe systems. Along with package solutions for water supply, sewer, gas and electrical/communication large infrastructure projects across the Oceania region, our team carefully plans delivery to ensure it is on-time so you can get on with the job at hand.

So no matter which market you play in, Clover has the experience to cover almost any need across water supply, sewer, waste water, stormwater, drainage, plumbing, gas, electrical, communication, mining, rural and irrigation.