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PE Restraint Gate Valve


Suitable for above and below ground potable, non potable and wastewater applications.

This product provides axial thrust restraint for AS4130 PE100 & PE80 pipe systems.

Clover resilient seated PE restrained end flexible joint gate valves comply with AS2638.2 for use in pressure applications for water supply and sewerage.


Key Features

  • Provides axial thrust restraint when used on polyethylene pipe systems.
  • Simple installation under all weather conditions, no polyethylene welding required.
  • High strength and impact resistant body manufactured from ductile iron and EPDM encapsulated gate. Full bore design eliminates potential debris build up.
  • High strength 431 Stainless steel spindle provides excellent corrosion resistance.
  • Thermally bonded polymeric coating for long life corrosion protection.
  • All valves are hydrostatically factory tested and certified.

Technical Data

Size Range: DN90, DN125, DN180, DN250 & DN280

Allowable Operating Pressure: 1600kPa

Maximum Temperature: 40 C

Connections: Polyethylene AS4130 PE100 & PE100

Certifications: AS 2638.2, AS/NZS 4020 & AS/NZS 4158

Product Licence: OMK25731

WSAA Appraisal: PA11/21


ItemPart NameMaterial
1BodyDuctile iron AS1831 Fusion coat AS4158
2GateDuctile iron AS1831 EPDM Encapsulated
3Stem NutDR Copper Alloy AS1568 C48600
4SpindleSS ASTM A276
5Body GasketEPDM AS1646
6BonnetDuctile iron AS1831 Fusion coat AS4158
7O’RingNBR AS1646
8Thrust WasherPOM
9Seal KitEPDM AS1646
10Thrust WasherDR Copper Alloy AS1568 C48600
11Seal RetainerDuctile iron AS1831 Fusion coat AS4158
12Dust CoverEPDM AS1646
14Key Cap Bolt316SS ASTM A276
15Key CapDuctile iron AS1831 Fusion coat AS4158
16Thrust WasherPOM
17O’RingNBR AS1646
18Body BoltSS316 ASTM A276
19Support RingPE
20Span RingDuctile iron AS1831 Fusion coat AS4158
21Bolt316SS ASTM A276
22Washer316SS ASTM A276
23SealEPDM AS1646
24Grip RingBrass AS1568 C37710
25Bonnet Bolt316SS ASTM A276

Product dimensions


All dimensions are quoted in millimetres.

Hand wheels, gearboxes, actuation, keys and spindle extensions available for all valves.All dimensions are quoted in millimetres.

Contact Clover for information on additional sizes not shown on this data sheet.

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