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Isolation Valve

Isolation Valve


Suitable for above and below ground potable, non potable and wastewater applications.

Our range of isolation valves provide isolation of hydrants and air valves in applications that require safe and easy maintenance.


Key Features

  • High strength and impact resistant ductile iron body
  • Thermally bonded polymeric coating for long life corrosion protection.
  • Outlet flange to DN80 or DN100 AS 4087 Fig. B5 or B6
  • Inlet flange universally slotted to DN80/100 AS 4087 Fig. B5 or B6.
  • › Versatile design suitable for a wide range of applications.

Technical Data

Size Range: DN80-DN1000

Allowable Operating Pressure: 1600kPa & 3500 kPa

Maximum Temperature: Valve designed for use up to 70O

For AS 4020 compliance, max temp = 40OC

Connections: Flange AS4087

Certifications: AS/NZS4020 & AS/NZS4158


ItemPart NameMaterial
1BodyDuctile iron 500/7 Fusion coat AS4158
2Stopper CoreCast Iron WCB
3Stopper RubberEPDM AS1646
4Stopper NutDP Copper Alloy AS1568 C48600
5Stern431SS ASTM A276
6“O” RingNBR AS1646
7Body Bonnet Bolt316SS ASTM A276
8Top Bonnet Bolt316SS ASTM A276
9“O” RingNBR AS1646
10“O” RingNBR AS1646
11BrushingDR Copper Alloy AS1568 C48600
12Spindle Seal Retainer316SS ASTM A276
13Dust Proof CoverEPDM AS1646
14Stern CapDuctile Iron BS500/7
15Stern Cap Bolt316SS ASTM A276
16Plastic CapHDPE
17BonnetDuctile iron 500/7 AS1831 Fusion coat AS4158
18Stud Bolts316SS ASTM A276
19Washer316SS ASTM A276
20Hex Nut316SS ASTM A276

Product dimensions

PN16 – AS4087 Fig. B5



Flanges to AS4087 Fig B5 PN16


PN35 – AS4087 Fig. B6



Flanges to AS4087 Fig B6 PN35


All dimensions are quoted in millimetres. All weights are approximate.

Spring hydrants, air valves and spindle extensions available for all valves.

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