Integral Bypass Gate Valve

Integral Bypass Gate Valve

Clover’s resilient seated integral bypass gate valves comply with AS2638.2 for pipeline isolation use in above and below ground pressure water supply and sewerage applications.

Clover's integral bypass gate valve provides a compact footprint through faster installation and reduced installation costs.

  • High strength and impact resistant body manufactured from ductile iron and EPDM encapsulated gate.

  • Full bore design eliminates any potential debris build up.

  • Thermally bonded polymeric coating for long life corrosion protection.

  • Certified to AS 2638.2 and AS/NZS 4020.


Bypass valves are used during the pipeline filling process to reduce the risk of damage to components and to equalise downstream pressure and reducing operating torque.

Properties, dimensions and standards

  • Size Range: DN375x100, DN450x100 & DN600x150
  • Allowable Operating Pressure: 1600kPa
  • Maximum Temperature: 40 C
  • Connections: AS4087 Fig. B5 Flange (Others on request)
  • Mounting Flange: ISO5211 gearbox and/or actuation mounting
  • Product License: OMK25731
  • WSAA Appraisal: PA11/21

DN Bypass H L L2 N PCD Turns Kg ACC CC
375 100 935 610 516 12×26 495 55 275 VGFFB375 VGFFB375C
450 100 1080 650 555 12×26 584 58 565 VGFFB450 VGFFB450C
600 150 1345 785 835 16×30 756 68 830 VGFFB600 VGFFB600C

All dimensions are quoted in millimetres.

Valve and bypass valve are supplied with standard key cap fitted.

Hand wheels, gearboxes, actuation, keys and spindle extensions available for all valves.